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The purpose of this digital paper is to provide sanity and clarity to a nation that has lost its way. Just as the handbills, broadsides and newspapers of the American Revolution brought common sense and influence to a just cause, The Visionary Conservative aims to point an arrow at modern America's absurdity, sometimes with a double dose of our own absurdities. On these pages you will find a diverse assemblage of sometimes timely, sometimes imperative, but ofttimes only funny items and opinions, meant to bring a fresh discussion of issues that affect who and what America is, and what we should stand for.




Flys Today, Maggots Tomorrow

The major lefties thirty-forty years ago decided the only way to change America was to put their people into school boards, into classrooms, and into other institutions such as the Boy and Girl Scouts, why do so many seem intent on allowing them to brainwash our children? I say NO!!! I'm going to fight.


BEWARE: if you have a pre-existing illness thinking finally you can get insurance, or you are a young person getting insurance for the first time, and sign on to an Obamacare site, be advised you will have to give your SSN# and other info. If you decide the plan is too expensive for you and decline it, you will be in the system and told you will be fined. Fines are collected by the IRS, and you will be clearly told that your wages could be garnished to collect the fine, and they can suspend your driver’s license.




Happy Valentine's Day

The sad thing is Obama thinks its LOVE, but Putin thought Obama was such a good scr*w that he told Rouhani, and he scr*wed the infidel ho too.

History is fraught with fools who thought they could talk their way to peace with dictators, British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain in 1938, President Jimmy Carter before the Russian invasion of Afghanistan, Chamberlain six months later saying, "Hitler lied to me!", and Carter saying, “A veil was lifted from my eyes”. President Reagan proved that you can talk, but only from a position of strength and moral superiority, but President Obama throws around Reagan’s famous, “Trust but verify,” while trusting everything and verifying nothing.

Our military will soon be decimated because of sequestration and President Obama’s lack of leadership. China builds, Russia builds, Assad stays in power, Iran stalls us and builds nuclear weapons, and North Korea too, meanwhile Al-Qaeda and Al-Shabaab grow unheeded and unopposed. Do I overstate things?

The Bush Devil Made Me Do It



This Is NOT Nostalgia


When I was a boy, we had defeated the Nazis and were concerned about the Communists, so we were united.

But we were told there was a “generation gap,” and the baby boomers rejected our “materialistic society”, and America split into camps.

When I was a boy, we were busy building the highways, and America’s infrastructure.

But it became important to “win the war on poverty” instead. So we lost that war, and our roads have crumbled.

When I was a boy we said the Pledge of Allegiance, and prayed in class, put our hands on our heart, and swore oaths on the Bible.

But people became offended by prayers and Bibles, and heedless, unmindful and immune to perversity.

When I was a boy, Duty, Honor, Country, had meaning, and “God and country” was acceptable to say.

But “God” has become politically incorrect, and honor and patriotism according to the “educated” is dreaded “nationalism”.

When I was a boy, everyone had a Christmas tree, even some people who weren’t even Christian, and it wasn’t controversial.

But the historians and academics told us Christmas traditions were “borrowed” from pagans, so even some churches ban them today.

When I was a boy, people cheerfully said, “Merry Christmas,” or “Happy Holidays,” and we never thought one was wrong and one was right.

But now we are worried that we might offend, I don’t know, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, atheists, or Grinches; happy Winter Solstice.

When I was a boy, we all had fun “trick or treating” on Halloween, and enjoyed popcorn balls and apples, along with packaged candy, and went to our churches for games and more candy.

But evil people put pins into the apples and poison into the popcorn, and historians and academics told us about the pagan and Celtic harvest festival origins; so while still a commercial success, Halloween is dominated by new perverse racketeering and a strange demonic influence.

When I was a boy, all faiths gave thanks at Thanksgiving. We enjoyed baked turkey, mashed potatoes and family reunions around a dining table with Grandma and Grandpa.

But today it’s not PC to give thanks on “Turkey Day”, and we all sit in the rec room and watch football, and eat during commercials, or in our rooms alone.

When I was a boy, private organizations such as the Boy and Girl Scouts taught us how to practice faith, properly use a knife and camp and cook and gave badges for things like kindness.

But today we celebrate diversity, and teach about condoms, abortion and gay rights. At least the children won’t get HIV.

When I was a boy, I rode my bike across town, never wore a helmet, knee pads or sat in a car seat, and swam in the creek by the golf course.

But now, we won’t let our kids play in the front yard.

Do you feel safer, better, kinder, or more tolerant today, or are we still searching for the government to make things right?

Recognizing that things have declined in America in my lifetime is not nostalgia.




The Newest Animal on the Political Landscape

The newest animal on the political landscape is the Elephino; it is what you would get if you crossed an elephant (GOP) with a RINO (Republican In Name Only): an elephino! Ask him what he stands for and he answers, "Elephino!"

It's become too easy to throw around the label "RINO", so much so that all it really means is the Republican who does not agree with you. The party of the "big tent" has become the party of the "pup tent", as the Tea Party has been misinterpreted into a Libertarian, isolationist-noninterventionist movement that wants to shrink everything to within our shores. However, it is actually a Party made up of a wide variety of people fed up with big government, and many want a return to Constitutional Republicanism, but you would be hard pressed to pigeonhole them into neat little groups of any other persuasions. As I see it this movement grew out of frustration with the Obama administration, and the Republican Party’s complicit disregard for its core beliefs in small government, and that’s about it.

If the Republicans want to take both houses and the Presidency, it will take real vision and an adherence to what makes them different from democrats. So I invented the “elephino”. He easily fits under the “big tent” that is the circus of Republicanism, because he is after all half elephant, the biggest entertainer of center ring, but also part RINO, near sighted blind beast that lumbers through the jungle clumsily trying to fit in. I don’t think we win elections by being RINOs. I don’t think we can win by being elephinos; conservatives can only win by being ELEPHANTS, the animal that never forgets. The Grand Old Party, the GOP, that understands what makes us different than liberal democrats; we are the party of vision, the party of small government, the party that creates wealth, not confiscates it, and we can’t do that by being democrats-light. But the time for name-calling in the Republican Party should be past, we need to bring back the eleventh commandment, “Thou shalt not speak ill of a fellow republican”. And that applies whether he is a RINO, an elephino, or just plain republican.



We're Still Waiting

The Mullahs, the Imams, the Ayatollahs and the Huzurs in this country claim to be good Americans, and the leaders abroad often profess to not be supporters of terrorism. But I ask you, with this "religion of peace", where is the outrage, where is the indignation, where are the voices of moderation, from the "moderate" Muslims when Christians and even other Muslims are killed in mass murders? Quiet, silent, cowering, or pretending to care? No one knows, because we don't hear a peep.
Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil.

John 3:20-21, “For everyone practicing evil hates the light and does not come to the light, lest his deeds should be exposed. But he who does the truth comes to the light, that his deeds may be clearly seen, that they have been done in God.”


Hear No Evil - See No Evil - Speak No Evil



Obama Scandals

  • IRS Targets Obama Enemies
  • Benghazi; Ambassador and three others dead
  • ATF; Fast & Furious
  • NSA illegally gathers data
  • Associated Press; culling of records
  • Monitoring of reporter James Rosen
  • And counting... 


Gun Control and the Voices in My Head

What do Adam Lanza, Jared Loughner, James Holmes, besides all being mass killers also have in common with Navy Yard shooter Aaron Alexis? They all had mental illnesses and in some cases even heard voices. Paranoid schizophrenics while for the most part not dangerous to others, can be very dangerous when their delusions include thoughts or voices telling them to kill. It’s not as though this is unknown to psychiatrists or psychologists or other mental health professionals. The problem is that under our current privacy laws, and prevailing opinion most professionals covet the doctor patient right to privacy and the legal patient privilege that protects that right.

However, whenever one of these mass killings occur, gun control advocates quickly jump on it, demanding that the problem is the easy access to guns that causes the
phenomena, while completely ignoring that the most prevalent common denominator in these cases was mental illness. When are the people who cry the loudest about stopping these mass killings going to take a serious look at how we no longer place obviously sick people into protective care?

You could never confiscate all the guns in America without causing widespread armed rebellion. The first thing we saw in the Aaron Alexis case was the anti-gun lobby “up in arms” over him using an AR-15, which turned out to be a shotgun. Their beloved assault weapons ban wouldn’t have mattered. But in the meantime there are more mentally ill people right this minute hearing some demonic voices in their heads telling them they must “kill”.

If a professional attorney, pastor or doctor is in confidence told that their client was abusing or molesting children, they would be legally bound to report it. Yet, the mental patients are sent home with their demonic voices still speaking, whispering, “Kill, go kill.”



… Already long ago, from when we sold our vote to no man, the People have abdicated our duties; for the People who once upon a time handed out military command, high civil office, legions — everything, now restrains itself and anxiously hopes for just two things: 
bread and circuses

- JuvenalSatire 10.81


I am not a beastialiphobe... 

nor am I a pedophiliphobe, and just because I think Homosexuality is a perversion does not make me a homophobe. Jesus has commanded me to love everyone, and the Bible says that God so loved the world that He gave His son. So I cannot hate gay people. But I do NOT see homosexuality as an alternate lifestyle.

The Worst President Since Carter, or the Worst Ever?

The economy: a shambles. 
Unemployment: Not going down. 
Race relations: America divided. 
Crime: Inner cities crumbling. 
Foreign Policy: What foreign policy? 
Our Military: Confused leadership, and in decline.


The Second Amendment is an Individual Right

Immediately after the First Amendment to our Constitution, where our rights to 
practice our religion, our freedoms of speech and the press, rights to assembly and redress of grievances were hammered out, our founding fathers then turned to the Second Amendment, and another individual right, the “right to bear arms”.

The Supreme Court has ruled, and common sense informs us that these all are individual rights; all ten rights in the Bill of Rights are meant to control government not the people.

“A well regulated Militia,” is necessary, but shouldn't confuse you; if the government should become corrupt or dictatorial, a well armed people is all that would stand in their way.


This law in Texas outlawing abortion after 20 weeks was the only right vote. If you think it's just women's rights then I'll give you the forceps, and a gun or knife, you pull out this viable baby, and as it screams; stab it or shoot it. This is a five month old BABY, a premee, but a baby. That child has a RIGHT TO LIFE.

What are We Transforming Into?

The separation of powers is a fundamental component that our Founding Fathers thought necessary to keep any branch of government from becoming too powerful. President Obama, by executive order, and the acquiescence of Congress has, in just over four years, done what he set out to do, "We are going to fundamentally transform America."

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Obamacare is Now Doomed.

All those people who thought the Republicans shutting down the government were making a big political mistake, first who even noticed? And it only proved the gov'ment is too big. Secondly now everyone will see they were right to do it, because Obamacare does not and cannot work.

Obamacare depends on the young uninsured to sign up, in order to fund the people with preexisting conditions. The young will not use this clunky website to get expensive insurance they think they don't need, while the older people with preexisting conditions will. Doomed to fail, top heavy!!! End of story.



Obama's Ineptitude Rears its Ugly Head

Does anyone remember the Israeli attack of 2007 on Syria's NUCLEAR plants? Condemned world-wide, but secretly applauded by many. Assad is a dictator that Israel knows only too well. I suspect that many of those countries would have secretly applauded us as well. 

But perhaps Kerry inadvertently gave the chess playing Russians just what they maneuvered us for; Assad staying in power, and the huge stockpiles moved out of the reach of the terrorists they fear too.
Trouble is, you can't trust the Russians or the Syrians to "get rid" of their chemical weapons.

Obama's ineptitude rears its ugly head once again.

The Hatred of Obama Clouding the Eyes of Conservatives

We are in a situation very similar to the outbreak of WWII, 1939. By then Germany had taken Poland and invaded France. Japan had invaded Manchuria and was making its way down to Southeast Asia. The Republicans had become dominated by isolationists, and haters of FDR. Prominent Americans, such as Charles Lindbergh and Errol Flynn were sympathetic to Germany. We almost waited too long by Pearl Harbor to get in, as England was in great peril.

I see many Americans today falling for Putin's lies, and his proxy ally Assad, because of growing isolationism and hatred for Obama. Are you willing to wait until we are as weak as we were prior to WWII? Should we wait until Israel is surrounded once again by a strengthened Iran, Syria, and most importantly Russia, China and Korea?

I agree that Obama's naiveté and amateurism has led us here. I agree that Obama is probably the worst President since Carter, maybe the worst ever. But I do not agree that there are no American interests in this problem, or no threat to national security. The threat is Russia's other big ally in the region Iran, and the pursuit of a deliverable nuclear weapon. Weakness now, over chemical weapons will insure that Iran will assume America has lost her will to fight. Israel now believes Obama is a weak coward; I will not allow my contempt and disgust for Obama to undermine my love for my country.

And the thing that makes me angriest is all the Republicans who hated the lies about Bush and Iraq, now have no problem believing Vladimir Putin, and even spreading his lies to undermine Obama.

The Syrian Use of Nerve Gas

It now appears that this President does not have the strength to stand by his own convictions. He may just ONLY "shoot across the bow," of Syria. This "symbolism" will have NO EFFECT on Assad.

He needed to address the American people, state the case for STRONG action, then do it! But he is weak, weak, weak!

President Vladimir Putin

Wait a minute... I smell something... I think somebody is...    The idea that Russia can lecture anyone on the use of CHEMICAL weapons is laughable. Who does anyone think for many years has been helping Syria and Assad build up their chemical capibilities? This situation in Syria is a PROXY war with Iran, and her allies; Russia, China, and Korea, in addition to not act puts Israel out in the cold in regards to the NUCLEAR situation in Iran. Which is why the Visionary Conservative is taking the unusual step of supporting military action.

At The Visionary Conservative we pride ourselves in taking fresh approach to conservative views. We are not as liberals portray us, i.e reactionary and bereft of new ideas. We have vision!

Opinion primarily written by Artist and Illustrator Joseph R Juvenal, along with his spot illustration and artwork, we endeavor to not just look longingly to the past, wishing for values long vanished from the American scene.

Instead, we are the Visionary Conservative, we hold on to what is good and right, but stand ready to offer solutions to America's problems.

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